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Akili Labs is an innovative biotechnology company pioneering molecular diagnostics to advance the global healthcare system.

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Akili Labs is an award-winning biotechnology company specialising in molecular diagnostic systems development, founded by Charles Faul and Lucas Lotter in 2017, with Dr Farhan Pervaiz joining as a co-founder in 2018.

Based in South Africa with international affiliates, Akili Labs was established after realising the need for easy access to fast-paced diagnostics in the healthcare system.

With innovation and collaboration at the forefront of its company purpose, Akili Labs constantly forges partnerships with organisations around the globe for the development, creation and implementation of healthcare and diagnostic-related products.


  • Winner of the GAP BioSciences Competition 2017
  • Secured a TIA grant from the Savant Technology incubator 2017
  • Represented South Africa at Collision 2018 in New Orleans

Our team

Charles Faul


Johannesburg, South Africa

“I want to assist scientists in Africa with bringing solutions to real-world problems into the market with a focus on what’s needed, not what’s wanted.”

Charles is a multi-talented Biotechnologist with a background in software development. He specialises in molecular diagnostics and rapid prototyping of systems for experimental research and real-world applications. Charles is a Mandela Washington Fellow and contributes to building the biotechnology startup community in Africa through Akili Labs.

Lucas Lötter


Johannesburg, South Africa

“If we keep striving for innovative ways in which biotechnology can assist the medical space we can expose a world of unimaginable possibilities for healthcare on a global scale.”

Lucas is an innovation-hungry Biotechnologist from Rhodes University having worked on stem cell research, cancer studies and IoT tech development.Lucas is a scientist, entrepreneur and photographer with a deep interest in systems integration. He strives to advance molecular diagnostics and its application to the healthcare system as well as assisting South African companies to garner greater global exposure.

Dr Farhan Pervaiz


Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“I am heavily invested in patient outcomes and the efficiency of the healthcare system.”

Farhan joined the team in 2018 and is the international frontline scientist for Akili Labs. He is an Emergency Medicine physician and clinician-scientist focused on the implementation of point-of-care diagnostics in resource-limited areas.

His commitment to quality healthcare has allowed Akili Labs to develop products that have an unfathomable potential to improve healthcare services globally.

Dr Stuart Ali


Johannesburg. South Africa

“The development of appropriate cost-effective technologies that can be readily deployed into the field, or which leverage existing diagnostic infrastructure, is a priority if we are to deliver the healthcare solutions that are needed in Africa.”

Stuart has 25 plus years of research, business development, and entrepreneurial excellence in the field of life sciences. He is a strategic big picture thinker, working to democratize precision medicine to improve public health of African populations. Stuart is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science, and Member of the Royal Society of South Africa, Institute of Directors, and Project Management Institute.


We are proud to have joined forces with a broad spectrum of leaders in diagnostics, business, healthcare & innovation technology.


Akili Labs has worked closely with Phithos in the establishment of a pathology laboratory with an initial focus on Covid-19 testing.


Akili Labs has collaborated with New England Biolabs. Akili Labs is working on creating hardware that can leverage the fantastic potential of their LAMP chemistry.


With the help of Founders Factory Africa and Netcare, we have gained access to markets in Africa and around the world with joint efforts in business development & fundraising.


The Technology Partnership (TTP) and their world-class expertise assists in the development of Akili Labs diagnostic devices and introducing it to market.


As the official African partner of Inteliwound, global leaders of wound care management, we are exposing innovative technology to Africa and African technology to


Akili Labs in the media


SA startup Akili Labs to exhibit affordable mobile lab at US tech conference

25 Jan 2018

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Four healthcare startups selected for Merck, Make IT in Africa programme

29 Aug 2019

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Five SA biotech companies to watch in 2018 [Digital All Stars]

22 May 2018

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Akili Labs Selected For International Program

22 May 2018

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Akili Labs makes medical field testing ten times cheaper using 3D printing

12 Dec 2017

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